Fantom surprises investors with price gains, but will the rally continue

Suzuki Shillsalot
Suzuki Shillsalot

18 Mar 2023 4:30 AM

FTM’s active users increased over the last few months, and its price registered massive gains.  A few of the metrics were bearish, but the market indicators supported the bulls. Fantom Insider, a Twitter account that posts updates related to the Fantom [FTM] ecosystem, recently pointed out the networks’ achievements. As per the tweet, Fantom had […]...

  • FTM's active users have increased over the last few months, and its price has registered massive gains.
  • Fantom had the lowest transaction fee of $0.0003 while having the capacity to process transactions faster.
  • FTM's revenue has increased considerably over the last few days.
  • FTM's price increased by more than 14% in the last 24 hours and nearly 50% over the last week.
  • FTM's monthly users registered a spike lately, suggesting increased adoption and usage of the blockchain.
  • Despite an increase in the count of users, FTM's number of transactions gained downward momentum over the past few months.
  • FTM's price hike also remained a subject for questioning as its latest pump was followed by a decline in volume.
  • FTM's velocity and network growth were up last week, which is a positive signal.
  • FTM's daily chart suggested a further price uptick in the days to follow.

The article has an overall positive sentiment towards FTM, highlighting its achievements, growth, and potential for further price uptick. However, it also acknowledges some bearish on-chain metrics that may affect FTM's sustainability.

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