Crypto Analyst Puts ADA Price At $5, Here's When |


15 Sep 2023 11:00 PM

Amid the bearish trend that has engulfed the ADA price, a crypto analyst has come forward to present an interesting bull case for the crypto’s price....

  • A crypto analyst, Kara Szabo, presents a bullish case for the ADA price, expecting it to rise as much as 2,000% from its current level.
  • The analyst points to ADA's performance in the last bull market and its supply and initial distribution as reasons for the bullish prediction.
  • The Cardano community's support for ADA is also highlighted as a factor for its potential growth.
  • Szabo predicts that ADA could reach $5, representing a 20x increase from the current price, by the expected peak of the next bull market in 2025.
  • The analyst recommends having ADA as part of an investment portfolio but also advises diversification.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive, as the crypto analyst presents a bullish case for the ADA price and highlights factors that could contribute to its potential growth.

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