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28 Jun 2023 12:00 PM

It’s been a crazy few days in the meme coin space, with an abundance of projects emerging and shaking up the market. $4CHAN continues to slide after hitting a high on June 21, while fellow meme coins $420CHAN and $BITCOIN are on the rise. With the constant flux in the meme coin market, traders are … Continued...

  • The meme coin market has been volatile, with $4CHAN experiencing a significant drop while $420CHAN and $BITCOIN are on the rise.
  • $4CHAN has plummeted over 75% since June 21, leading investors to speculate that it could go to zero.
  • $420CHAN has seen a trading volume of over $3 million in the past 24 hours, with a remarkable run-up and potential for recovery.
  • $BITCOIN has outperformed the global crypto market, with a price increase of 2,088% since the beginning of June.
  • The recent surges in $420CHAN and $BITCOIN have sparked interest in small-cap meme coins.

The sentiment in the article is mixed. While $4CHAN is experiencing a significant drop and uncertainty, $420CHAN and $BITCOIN are seeing positive momentum and potential for growth. Traders are hopeful for a recovery in the market.

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