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21 Nov 2023 7:45 PM

One JPEG flipper saw millions of dollars in rewards from Blur's Season 2 airdrop. Now the marketplace is teasing its own Ethereum layer-2 network, Blast....

  • NFT marketplace Blur awarded a trader named Hanwe with 22.85 million BLUR tokens, worth over $8.4 million, as part of its Season 2 rewards.
  • Hanwe received the largest share of rewards for Season 2 and announced the receipt of the tokens on Twitter.
  • Blur's token, BLUR, has increased in value since the airdrop.
  • Blur's upcoming Season 3 will be powered by a new Ethereum layer-2 network called Blast, backed by Paradigm and Standard Crypto.
  • The reward structure for Season 3 has been changed, with 50% of the season's rewards going to those who deposit BLUR into the platform.
  • A trader named @ESK_NFT turned a starting fund of 2-3 ETH into an $83,100 airdrop during Season 2.
  • Some traders sought to maximize their airdrop by selling NFT collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • Notable trader Jeffrey Huang expressed disappointment with his Season 2 airdrop and criticized Blur and its co-founder on Twitter.

The sentiment of the article is mixed. It highlights the success of Hanwe and @ESK_NFT in receiving significant airdrops, but also mentions disappointment expressed by Jeffrey Huang towards Blur and its co-founder.

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