OpenAI In 'Intense Discussions' to Prevent Staff Exodus: Report - Decrypt


21 Nov 2023 10:43 AM

With 90% of OpenAI staff threatening to follow ousted CEO Sam Altman to Microsoft, investors are reportedly exploring legal options....

  • OpenAI is facing internal turmoil after the ousting of CEO Sam Altman.
  • Employees threatened to quit if Altman was not reinstated.
  • OpenAI is in "intense discussions" to unify the company.
  • Investors are exploring legal options and trying to orchestrate Altman's return.
  • Microsoft has attached conditions to Altman's return, including a restructuring of OpenAI's governance.

The article highlights the internal turmoil and discussions surrounding OpenAI and its ousted CEO Sam Altman. The sentiment is negative due to the uncertainty and potential legal issues faced by the company.

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