WLD Had a Wild Weekend—What's Next for Sam Altman's Worldcoin? - Decrypt


20 Nov 2023 11:38 PM

As the Sam Altman and OpenAI drama unfolds, Worldcoin remains quiet. The WLD token, however, has been anything but....

  • Worldcoin's WLD token has dropped 11% since Sam Altman, co-founder of the iris-scanning biometric project, left OpenAI.
  • The price of WLD has been volatile, reaching a low of $1.84 and a high of $2.65 in the past 24 hours.
  • Worldcoin has not directly commented on the leadership changes at OpenAI but has reiterated its mission to build a more human internet and accessible global economy.
  • Worldcoin aims to create a biometric database and potentially provide AI-funded universal basic income.
  • The project has faced scrutiny and suspension in countries like Kenya, the U.K, Germany, and France.
  • The impact of Altman's departure from OpenAI and new role at Microsoft on Worldcoin remains uncertain.

The sentiment in the article is mostly neutral, with a focus on the recent developments and uncertainties surrounding Worldcoin and its WLD token.

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