Argentina Has a New Pro-Bitcoin President—Who Is Javier Milei? - Decrypt


20 Nov 2023 2:19 PM

Facing spiralling inflation and a rapid decline in the value of the peso, Argentina has elected pro-Bitcoin Javier Milei as President....

  • Javier Milei, a pro-Bitcoin outsider candidate, has won the second-round runoff election and will be the next President of Argentina.
  • Milei's platform includes shock therapy measures such as eliminating the central bank, slashing public spending by 15%, and abandoning the peso in favor of the U.S. dollar.
  • He is known for his hardline libertarian views and is a keen advocate of Bitcoin, describing it as the return of money to the private sector.
  • Milei plans to tackle the challenges of inflation and the decline in the value of the peso.
  • He will take office on December 10 and aims to rebuild Argentina.

The sentiment of the article is mostly neutral. It provides information about Javier Milei's victory in the election and his proposed policies without expressing a clear positive or negative stance.

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