Microsoft Hires Former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to Head 'Advanced AI Research Team' - Decrypt


20 Nov 2023 9:59 AM

OpenAI co-founders Altman and Greg Brockman will head Microsoft's AI team, while former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear takes the reins at OpenAI....

  • Microsoft has hired former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to lead an "advanced AI research team."
  • Altman will join Microsoft's in-house team alongside OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman and other colleagues.
  • Altman's hiring comes after his ouster from OpenAI, with the board claiming he was not consistently candid in his communications.
  • OpenAI appointed Mira Murati as interim CEO, but plans to rehire Altman and Brockman fell through, leading to the appointment of former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear as the new interim CEO.
  • Microsoft and OpenAI remain committed to their partnership, with both companies emphasizing their strong collaboration.

The article describes a series of events involving the hiring of Sam Altman by Microsoft, his ouster from OpenAI, and the subsequent appointment of Emmett Shear as the new interim CEO of OpenAI. The sentiment is mostly neutral, with some positive tones regarding Microsoft's commitment to the partnership and Altman's new role.

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