Like Playing 'Dark Souls' But Wish It Looked Worse? This Mod's for You - Decrypt


17 Nov 2023 5:19 PM

Love it or hate it, one modder has just transported Dark Souls back in time with a pixelated "demake," featuring detuned graphics and audio....

  • A modder has created a "demastered" version of the game Dark Souls, giving it a pixelated and blurry appearance reminiscent of games from the late '90s or early 2000s.
  • The modder also altered the game's audio to match the retro aesthetic.
  • This mod is not for everyone, as it drastically changes the visual and audio experience of the game.
  • Fan-made "demakes" of popular RPGs have become a trend, with other games like Bloodborne and Elden Ring receiving similar treatment.
  • Dark Souls has a thriving modding community, with various mods and expansions available.

The article presents the modder's "demastered" version of Dark Souls as a novel and interesting take on the game. It acknowledges that this mod may not appeal to everyone but highlights the trend of fan-made "demakes" in the gaming community. Overall, the sentiment is positive.

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What does the modder's "demastered" version of Dark Souls look like?How does the modder alter the game's audio in the "demastered" version?Is the modding trend limited to Dark Souls, or are other games receiving similar treatment?What other types of mods and expansions are available for Dark Souls?Did the modder use AI tools to complete the project?Note: The article does not explicitly answer question 5, but it mentions that the modder did not use AI tools according to Eurogamer's report.

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