Gondi Launches V2, Unlocking a New Era of NFT lending

Crypto Daily
Crypto Daily

17 Nov 2023 3:56 PM

Gondi Launches V2, Unlocking a New Era of NFT lending...

  • Gondi, an NFT lending protocol, launched V2 of its protocol on November 16th, 2023.
  • The new features include 'Buy Now Pay Later', 'Sell and Repay', 'Refinance Lockups', 'Flexible Principal', 'Gondi Vaults', 'Loan Extensions', and 'Flash Actions'.
  • Gondi V1 facilitated $15M USD worth of origination, $6M USD of TVL, and hundreds of loans against valuable NFTs.
  • The new features reinforce Gondi's position as a borrower-friendly and efficient NFT lending platform.
  • Gondi received $5.35 million in funding from leading Web3 investors.
  • Gondi's loans have been originated on blue-chip Ethereum NFT collections.
  • ~30% of loans originated at Gondi have been refinanced, providing better conditions for borrowers.
  • The Gondi protocol has been audited by top Web3 security firms and auditors.
  • The BNPL feature allows users to purchase NFTs on leverage from any major marketplace.
  • Loans on Gondi can be repaid by selling the underlying collateral.
  • Integrations with Vulcan, Tokenproof, and Delegate Cash preserve the utility of loaned NFTs.

The article portrays Gondi's V2 protocol as a significant improvement, highlighting its borrower-friendly features and capital efficiency. The sentiment is positive.

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