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NFT News Today

21 Nov 2023 3:37 PM

Undeads Rush, a new game for Undeads Metaverse NFT holders, offers exciting gameplay and reward opportunities while awaiting the main AAA game....

  • Undeads has launched Undeads Rush, a game for Undeads Metaverse NFT holders.
  • The game is set in a zombie-inspired universe and offers players opportunities to earn rewards.
  • NFTs are integrated into the gameplay, allowing players to unlock features and accumulate rewards.
  • The game serves as temporary entertainment while the main AAA game for Undeads Metaverse is being developed.
  • The tokenomics have been restructured to address legal and regulatory concerns, with the supply meant for sales being reassigned to airdrop quotas.
  • Airdrop Season 1 introduces rules for participants, covering game points and swap processes.
  • Players can earn Loyalty Points through social tasks, with greater rewards for holders of rare NFTs.
  • The game features daily and monthly leaderboards, and players can exchange game points for UDS tokens in the future.
  • Undeads Rush appeals to a diverse audience, including owners of esteemed NFTs from collections like Yuga Labs.
  • Undeads Metaverse aims to establish a Web3 gaming community with play-to-earn mechanics and a variety of NFT assets.

The article presents the launch of Undeads Rush as a temporary entertainment option while the main AAA game is being developed. It also highlights the integration of NFTs into the gameplay and the restructuring of tokenomics to address legal concerns. The sentiment is generally positive, emphasizing the rewards and engagement opportunities for players.

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