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20 Nov 2023 3:13 PM

READYgg & Aptos Labs partnership to transition 15M web2 gamers to web3. Early access to new releases starts and more publishers to join by 2023....

  • READYgg and Aptos Labs have partnered to bring web3 gaming to millions of players.
  • The partnership aims to migrate up to 15 million web2 gamers to web3 and Aptos.
  • Early access to new releases will be available from November 20, with the official launch on December 6.
  • READYgg has signed over 20 major web2 publishers, with four of them operating on the Aptos blockchain by the end of 2023.
  • Titles such as Runestone Keeper, Rescue Robots Sniper Survival, Minijuegos, and ToroFun will feature web3 elements and NFTs.
  • Publishers joining the READYgg/Aptos ecosystem can benefit from funding through the READYgg $RDYX token and predictable Aptos usage fees.
  • The partnership aims to bridge web2 games to web3 and provide a seamless transition for gamers.
  • Aptos Labs' expertise will ensure a smooth transition for web2 gamers into web3 gaming.
  • The partnership will accelerate the delivery of studio-quality web3 games and user experiences.


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