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20 Nov 2023 11:40 AM

October 2023 saw blockchain gaming reach 1M daily UAW, marking a 16% rise, with WAX and Alien Worlds leading the pack in gaming activity....

  • The blockchain gaming industry saw significant growth in October 2023, with a milestone of 1 million daily unique active wallets (dUAW), a 16% increase from the previous month.
  • WAX and BNB Chain experienced growth in dUAW, while Klaytn, Solana, and Arbitrum platforms saw a slight decline. zkSync Era and Polygon also showed positive growth.
  • Alien Worlds remained the most used gaming dapp, with 133,000 daily UAW. Sweat Economy gained traction in the move-to-earn sector, and Splinterlands introduced new features.
  • The virtual world space saw trading volumes increase by 19% and land sales rise by 17% in October.
  • Nicola Sebastiani joined The Sandbox as Chief Content Officer, emphasizing the importance of user-generated content and a creator-centric economy.
  • Despite a 4% downturn, Web3 gaming investments reached $154 million in October, indicating continued investor interest.
  • High-profile investments included Animoca Brands' alliance with the NEOM Investment Fund and WEMIX's commitment to Chinese game developers.

The article highlights the promising expansion of the blockchain gaming industry in October 2023, with positive growth in daily unique active wallets, user base, virtual world activities, and investments. However, there are also mentions of slight declines in certain platforms.

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