JPMorgan Chase Rejects Customer After $11,000 Stolen From Bank Account, Victim Says Money 'Almost Safer in My Pocket' - The Daily Hodl

The Daily Hodl
The Daily Hodl

18 Nov 2023 1:04 AM

JPMorgan Chase says news that a scammer stole $11,000 from a retired postal worker's account is "heartbreaking" – but the bank has no plans to make the customer whole....

  • A retired postal worker named Robert Wolfe had $11,000 stolen from his JPMorgan Chase account by a scammer.
  • Wolfe received a text message appearing to be from Chase, asking about large transactions from his account.
  • He replied "No" and received a call from someone claiming to be a Chase representative.
  • The scammer sent a one-time passcode to Wolfe's phone and asked him to read it aloud.
  • Realizing something was wrong, Wolfe called the bank, but the money was already taken and Chase denied his claim.
  • JPMorgan Chase released a statement expressing sympathy but stating that Wolfe will not be reimbursed.
  • Zelle, a payments platform used by many financial firms, has started reimbursing customers who were tricked into authorizing criminal transactions.

The sentiment of the article is negative, as it highlights the unfortunate situation of a customer losing money to a scammer and the bank's refusal to reimburse him.

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