Swiss Privacy Comes to Debit Card Payments with the AnonyCard ICO

Crypto Daily
Crypto Daily

18 Sep 2023 8:00 AM

AnonyCard announces the launch of its ICO for its native ANCA tokens, which will power its privacy-centric debit card service....

  • AnonyCard, a company established in 2004, is announcing its upcoming ICO to fund the development of its 100% crypto bank card in collaboration with major Swiss financial service providers.
  • AnonyCard is a privacy-focused service that aims to solve issues in the crypto-to-fiat payment provision market, such as invasive KYC, high fees, and data leaks.
  • The AnonyCard crypto debit card offers low transaction fees, infinite customization options, and supports FIAT payments using 12 major cryptocurrencies.
  • AnonyCard will distribute 20% of profits generated via transaction fees to ANCA token holders.
  • The ICO is ongoing until November 7th, with generous tokenomics and only 8% of tokens reserved for the team.

The article presents AnonyCard as an innovative and privacy-focused solution to the issues in the crypto-to-fiat payment provision market. The tone is positive and highlights the potential benefits for investors and token holders.

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