Islamic Coin Launches Public Sale On Republic

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18 Sep 2023 2:56 PM

Islamic Coin Launches Public Sale On Republic...

  • Islamic Coin has launched its Reg D Token Offering to the Public with OpenDeal Broker LLC, dba THE CAPITAL R.
  • ISLM (Islamic Coin token) is a digital money that adheres to Shariah principles and emphasizes ethical values.
  • Republic is supporting Islamic Coin's market entry strategy and providing crypto advisory services.
  • Islamic Coin has raised $193M in private sales and has partnerships with ABO Capital, DF 101, A195, Optic Capital, and DDCAP Group.
  • Islamic Coin is powered by HAQQ Network, a Shariah-compliant blockchain network, and is dedicated to charitable causes.
  • The project is supported by leaders from the royal families of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as experts in Islamic and traditional finance.

The article highlights the successful launch of Islamic Coin's Reg D Token Offering and the support it has received from Republic and other partners. The overall sentiment is positive, emphasizing the adherence to Shariah principles and the potential benefits for the Islamic community.

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