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NFT News Today

18 Sep 2023 2:50 AM

Magic Eden endorses Solana's compressed NFTs, offering cost-effective minting and promoting wider adoption in the digital collectible space....

  • Magic Eden is pioneering the adoption of Solana's compressed NFTs (cNFTs).
  • cNFTs compress data and store it off-chain, reducing minting fees.
  • This innovation allows for mass production of digital collections in various industries.
  • Magic Eden's data suggests that creators can mint up to 1 million NFTs at a cost of $110 on Solana.
  • Supporting cNFTs aims to enhance adoption rates and make NFTs easily accessible.
  • The integration of cNFTs lays the groundwork for a scalable NFT ecosystem.

The article highlights the potential benefits of cNFTs and their impact on the NFT ecosystem. The tone is positive and optimistic about the future of digital collectibles.

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