Memecoin MOOKY Raises $900,000 Ahead of Its Final Presale Stage

Crypto Daily
Crypto Daily

30 Jun 2023 10:32 AM

New York, New York, June 30th, 2023, ChainwireMemecoin Mooky is gearing up for its final presale phase, having raised $900,000 to date. More than just......

  • Memecoin Mooky is in its final presale phase, having raised $900,000 to date.
  • Mooky aims to support the environment through a tree-planting campaign and raise funds for reforestation initiatives.
  • The project features zero tax and low slippage, providing incentives for traders.
  • Mooky is based on the concept of a mythical land called Pygmy, where the monkeys restore nature.
  • Mooky has created 1,000 NFTs linked to real-world tree-planting, granting access to exclusive rewards and events.
  • There are still five days left in the $MOOKY token presale.

The sentiment of the article is positive, highlighting the positive impact of Mooky on the environment and its potential for success in the crypto market.

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