KuCoin Introduces Mandatory KYC As Regulations Kick In

Crypto Daily
Crypto Daily

29 Jun 2023 5:40 AM

Cryptocurrency platform KuCoin has announced that it will be introducing mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) rules as it looks to embrace regulations....

  • Cryptocurrency platform KuCoin will be implementing mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) rules starting from July 15th.
  • Users will be required to complete the KYC process to access KuCoin's services.
  • Failure to complete the KYC process will result in the inability to trade or make deposits on the exchange.
  • The introduction of KYC rules aims to enhance security, comply with regulations, and combat money laundering and financial crimes.
  • KuCoin had a significant increase in its user base in 2022, with over 27 million active customers and a 102% growth year-on-year.

The article highlights the introduction of mandatory KYC rules by KuCoin, which aims to enhance security and comply with regulations. The sentiment is neutral, focusing on the implementation of these rules and their impact on users.

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