With Its Security Under Scrutiny, OpenAI Is Recruiting a Cybersecurity ‘Red Team’ - Decrypt


19 Sep 2023 11:13 PM

To improve its AI models, OpenAI invites penetration experts to find holes in its widely-used AI chatbot platform....

  • OpenAI is seeking outside cybersecurity and penetration experts, known as "red teams," to identify vulnerabilities in its AI chatbot.
  • The company aims to enhance the safety and ethics of its AI models.
  • The invitation comes as OpenAI faces an investigation into its data collection and security practices.
  • Red team members will be compensated, and no prior AI experience is required.
  • OpenAI encourages collaboration and contributions to AI safety evaluations.

The article highlights OpenAI's proactive approach to improving the security and ethics of its AI models. The invitation for red team members and the emphasis on collaboration and diverse perspectives indicate a positive and responsible stance by OpenAI.

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