Major League Baseball Is Hosting Its First Live Game in a Virtual Stadium - Decrypt


19 Sep 2023 10:07 PM

Wednesday's Rays vs. Angels baseball game will be recreated in real time in the metaverse, letting fans experience the action in a new way....

  • Metaverse technology company Improbable will stream the first regular season Major League Baseball (MLB) game in a virtual ballpark.
  • The game will be played at Tropicana Field in Florida, but fans from around the world can watch in 3D via MLB's Gameday 3D technology.
  • Improbable's web-based experience will recreate the game in real time in 3D, allowing for new ways to experience the action.
  • The technology opens up opportunities for broadcasters to create unique experiences and generate additional revenue.
  • Fans can select their desired angles for watching the game and interact with other online visitors through spatial audio.
  • Trivia games and a digital scavenger hunt will also be available inside the virtual ballpark.

The article highlights the exciting development of streaming a real-world MLB game in a virtual ballpark using 3D technology. The sentiment is positive, emphasizing the potential for new experiences and revenue opportunities.

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