Rollbit Coin Tumbles 5% as Crypto Infleuncer Gainzy Swaps Sponsorship to Stake - Decrypt


19 Sep 2023 8:02 PM

Gainzy, a notable degen on Crypto Twitter, swapped a sponsorship with one gambling platform, Rollbit, for a competitor's backing....

  • Pseudonymous influencer Gainzy has switched sponsorships from Rollbit to, a crypto gambling site.
  • Gainzy's move has caused the utility token associated with Rollbit, Rollbit Coin, to decrease in value.
  • Rapper Drake also sponsors and has showcased his wins on his Instagram page.
  • Gainzy's sponsorship with has had a relatively quiet start, with low viewership on their gambling livestream.
  • Sponsorships with online personalities are a common method for gambling sites to attract attention and traffic.
  • Gainzy had previously highlighted the gains of Rollbit Coin during their sponsorship with Rollbit.
  • Gainzy claimed to have wagered over $10 million on Rollbit during their sponsorship.

The sentiment of the article is mostly neutral, with a focus on the actions and moves of Gainzy, the impact on Rollbit Coin's value, and the dynamics of influencer sponsorships in the crypto gambling industry.

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