Next-Gen Xbox Due in 2028, But Updated Series X Coming Next Year - Decrypt


19 Sep 2023 7:19 PM

Enhanced versions of the Xbox Series X and Series S are due next year as Microsoft plots the next generation, per documents in the FTC case....

  • Microsoft is planning to release new versions of the Xbox Series X and S consoles in 2024, according to documents revealed in the FTC's case against the company.
  • The next-generation Xbox console, set to be released in 2028, aims to merge the power of client and cloud to offer enhanced gameplay performance.
  • The upcoming Xbox console may also serve as an immersive game and app platform, potentially competing with devices like Apple TV.
  • In the immediate future, gamers can expect a new Xbox Series X edition called "Brooklin" with a cylindrical design and no disc slot, as well as a refreshed Xbox Series S called "Ellewood" with improved energy efficiency and faster Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The new consoles will come with the "Sebile" controller, featuring aesthetic upgrades and quality-of-life improvements.

The sentiment of the article is generally positive, as it discusses upcoming releases and improvements to the Xbox consoles.

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