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19 Sep 2023 2:56 AM

Google updated part of its SEO guidelines. Instead of focusing on “content written by people,” it now focus on content "created for people."...

  • Google has updated its guidelines for ranking sites on its search engine to acknowledge the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation.
  • The new language emphasizes valuable content that benefits users, regardless of whether it was created by humans or machines.
  • Google is investing in AI across its products and aligning its guidelines with its strategic direction.
  • Repetitive or low-quality AI content can still hurt SEO, and human involvement in content creation is necessary to avoid errors and risks.
  • Google penalizes the use of AI for simple content summarization or rephrasing and has automated tools to detect AI-generated content.
  • Detecting AI content is challenging due to imprecise tools and the ability of AI models to appear human.
  • Google aims to identify and reward human-written content while evolving standards as AI proliferates.

The article provides a neutral perspective on Google's updated guidelines for content created by AI and the implications for SEO.

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