Y3K Innovation Summit Demystifies AI and Blockchain for Marginalized Communities - Decrypt


19 Sep 2023 2:27 AM

Hosted at USC, the event focused on equal access to emerging tech, offering hands-on experiences with Web3 technology....

  • The Y3K Innovation Summit was held at the University of Southern California to showcase how AI, blockchain, and other technologies can benefit the community.
  • The summit aimed to make these technologies accessible to everyone, including those who cannot afford expensive tickets.
  • The organizers, NFTCLT Solutions, provide education and resources on emerging technologies like blockchain, gaming, and AI.
  • The goal is to ensure that people of color and minority groups are not left behind in the discussion and adoption of these technologies.
  • The summit featured discussions and workshops on technology and Web3, emphasizing the importance of purpose over profit in building for underserved communities.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive. It highlights the potential benefits of AI, blockchain, and other technologies for underserved communities and emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and education.

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