Orbs Liquidity Hub Brings Aggregated Liquidity To DEX-AMMs, Launched with QuickSwap - Decrypt


18 Sep 2023 1:02 PM

The solution addresses the growing problem of liquidity fragmentation in DeFi, which results in higher prices for DEX traders....

  • Orbs has launched Liquidity Hub, a solution to address liquidity fragmentation in DeFi.
  • Liquidity Hub optimizes liquidity and offers better execution prices for traders.
  • It relies on a mix of on-chain smart contracts and off-chain logic powered by Orb's decentralized L3 nodes.
  • Liquidity Hub provides MEV protection for liquidity providers and allows DEX platforms to tap into additional liquidity sources.

The article highlights the benefits of Orbs' Liquidity Hub in addressing liquidity fragmentation in DeFi and providing better execution prices for traders. The sentiment is positive.

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