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17 Sep 2023 11:05 PM

A trio of celebrities settled a set of lawsuits that accused them of hurting investors through their pId endorsements of FTX....

  • Trevor Lawrence, NFL quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, settled a lawsuit accusing him of misleading investors in FTX for an undisclosed sum.
  • Youtubers Tom Nash and Kevin Paffrath also settled lawsuits related to sponsorship deals with FTX, but the terms were not disclosed.
  • These settlements were reported by Bloomberg News.
  • Lawrence had signed a sponsorship deal with FTX subsidiary Blockfolio in 2021 and received $205,555.35 from the company.
  • Nash and other influencers scrubbed their channels of FTX content after the exchange collapsed.
  • Paffrath acknowledged being sponsored by FTX in a video and blamed FTX's founder for the fraud.
  • FTX had partnerships with other celebrities, including Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, Shaquille O’Neill, and Naomi Osaka.
  • FTX was recently hit by a cyber-attack and a federal judge authorized the sale of its assets.

The article discusses the settlement of lawsuits against Trevor Lawrence, Tom Nash, and Kevin Paffrath related to their sponsorship deals with FTX. The sentiment is neutral, providing factual information about the legal developments and statements made by the individuals involved.

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