PolkaWorld Hits Pause as Founder Faults Polkadot Governance Change - Decrypt


17 Sep 2023 10:42 PM

OpenGov grants every token holder a vote, versus a previous council system of experts that evaluated and approved proposals....

  • PolkaWorld, a Chinese community on the Polkadot network, had its funding proposal rejected, leading to the suspension of its operations.
  • The proposal requested funds to cover operational and maintenance costs, but it was overwhelmingly rejected by the community.
  • Members of the community criticized the new open governance structure implemented on Polkadot, called "OpenGov," and its impact on long-term contributors.
  • PolkaWorld expressed optimism about the new governance framework but suggested reinstating some aspects of the previous council system.
  • Markian Ivanichok, founder of Brushfam, also announced leaving Polkadot due to concerns with OpenGov and other reasons.
  • Polkadot recently underwent a leadership change, with CEO Gavin Wood stepping down from his role.

The sentiment in the article is mostly negative, as it discusses the rejection of PolkaWorld's funding proposal, criticism of the new governance structure, and the departure of Markian Ivanichok from Polkadot.

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