Bitcoin Metaverse Token Coming From Animoca Game Studio - Decrypt


16 Sep 2023 7:15 PM

Animoca Brands' Darewise subsidiary will launch a metaverse token via Bitcoin Ordinals to power an ecosystem led by the game Life Beyond....

  • Animoca Brands, a crypto gaming and metaverse investment giant, plans to launch a metaverse ecosystem token on Bitcoin via the Ordinals protocol.
  • Darewise Entertainment, an Animoca subsidiary, will create the metaverse ecosystem built around Bitcoin Ordinals, allowing users to inscribe NFT-like assets to the blockchain and create BRC-20 tokens on Bitcoin.
  • The upcoming Bitcoin token will be used in Life Beyond, an upcoming metaverse game with NFTs, for in-game assets and virtual lands.
  • Darewise will collaborate with Horizen Labs to develop the Bitcoin token, following their successful partnership on the ApeCoin project.
  • Animoca Brands has a strong presence in the metaverse space and has invested in numerous companies and projects, with a valuation of $5.9 billion as of September 2022.


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