North Korea’s Lazarus Group Has Stolen $240M in Crypto in Just 104 Days: Elliptic - Decrypt


15 Sep 2023 10:20 PM

Adding to the tally is the $54 million hack of crypto exchange CoinEx, which blockchain sleuths at Elliptic now believe Lazarus was behind....

  • Blockchain surveillance firm Elliptic has published a report on the exploits of North Korean hacking group Lazarus.
  • Lazarus has been linked to five major crypto hacks in the past three months, including the recent hack of CoinEx for an estimated $54 million.
  • Elliptic estimates that Lazarus has stolen almost $240 million in crypto in the past 104 days alone.
  • The stolen funds from CoinEx were sent to an address previously used by Lazarus to launder funds stolen from the crypto casino
  • Lazarus hackers mixed funds with addresses seen during the Stake hack and used an address involved in the Atomic wallet hack.
  • Elliptic agrees that Lazarus Group should be suspected for the theft of funds from CoinEx.
  • Lazarus has also been implicated in hacks on CoinsPaid and Alphapo.
  • CoinEx has requested that hackers contact the company to negotiate a bug bounty and return of funds.

The article focuses on the activities of the notorious North Korean hacking group Lazarus, highlighting their recent crypto hacks and estimated stolen funds. The sentiment is negative, as it discusses the criminal activities and financial losses caused by Lazarus.

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