Nouns Fork: Disgruntled NFT Holders Exit With $27 Million From Treasury - Decrypt


15 Sep 2023 9:28 PM

The Nouns NFT collective on Ethereum, which is building open-source IP by funding creative projects, fractures after a widely supported fork....

  • The Nouns NFT community on Ethereum has split into two after a proposed fork was completed.
  • Over half of the Nouns NFT holders opted to leave and withdrew over $27 million worth of ETH from the project treasury.
  • The owners of 472 Nouns NFTs joined the fork and formed a new DAO organization.
  • Each holder will receive a replacement NFT with identical artwork for the new DAO.
  • The move reflects a lack of confidence in the current Nouns DAO format, despite millions of dollars being spent on Nouns-themed projects.
  • The market value of Nouns NFTs has significantly dropped since late 2021.
  • The fork was made possible by a Nouns protocol upgrade, allowing NFT holders to propose a fork and reclaim a share of the treasury.

The sentiment of the article is negative, highlighting a lack of confidence in the current Nouns DAO format and the diminishing market value of Nouns NFTs.

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