Sodexo Drops NFTs With a Twist: They’re for Employees, Not the Public - Decrypt


30 Jun 2023 11:01 AM

The European food services and facilities management firm’s Pluxee division launches NFTs on Internet Computer, but they’re not for everyone...

  • Sodexo's Benefits and Rewards Services' division, now rebranded as Pluxee, has launched tokenized profile pictures (PFPs) for all of its employees.
  • The PFPs, known as "The X Collection," were created in collaboration with the Dfinity Foundation and NFT marketplace Yumi.
  • The artwork in The X Collection is inspired by six natural elements and features digitally rendered people and animals.
  • Pluxee provides benefit initiatives for employees at various companies and currently serves over 36 million users.
  • The project consists of 5,000 digital collectibles, representing the 31 countries where the company operates.
  • The main utility of the NFTs is currently as profile pictures for Pluxee employees, but they also serve as a demonstration of the potential use cases for NFTs in increasing employee engagement and enriching company culture.
  • Pluxee employees can trade the digital collectibles among themselves and transfer the assets into their own wallets.
  • The company chose to partner with Dfinity and use the Internet Computer blockchain for its energy efficiency and commitment to sustainability.
  • As part of the launch, Pluxee committed to donating €1 per NFT claimed to its Stop Hunger charity initiative.

The article portrays the launch of tokenized profile pictures for Sodexo employees in a positive light, highlighting the company's commitment to cutting-edge technology and employee engagement. The use of NFTs is seen as an innovative way to personalize experiences and create excitement among employees.

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