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29 Jun 2023 11:31 PM

Developers claim that their games were denied due to copyright concerns over AI-generated elements. Is a proper Steam ban on the horizon?...

  • There are rumors that Valve, the company behind Steam, plans to ban games that use AI-generated art due to copyright concerns.
  • A Reddit user claimed that their game was declined by Steam because it contained AI-generated art assets based on copyrighted material.
  • Valve expressed concern about the legal ownership of the AI-generated art and asked the user to confirm ownership of the intellectual property used to create the art.
  • Even after updating the art to remove signs of AI use, the game was still denied by Steam.
  • Other developers have shared similar experiences of pushback from Valve towards games with AI-assisted elements.
  • Steam has not yet responded to requests for comment.
  • Games with AI-assisted elements that were previously approved and published on Steam are still available.

The sentiment of the article is negative, as it highlights the potential banning of games using AI-generated art and the pushback faced by developers from Valve.

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