Lacoste Reveals Gamified, Tokenized Ecosystem for NFT Holders - Decrypt


29 Jun 2023 10:13 AM

The program, UNDW3, will reward users with rarity-related NFT perks that the fashion brand says will increase those digital assets’ value....

  • Lacoste has announced the expansion of its Web3 program with a gamified, token-gated ecosystem.
  • The program incentivizes users to participate in activities and community events by offering NFT-related perks.
  • UNDW3 NFT holders can now participate in creative contests, video game quests, and interactive conversations.
  • Users accumulate points on their UNDW3 card, tied to their wallet and Discord account, which increases the rarity and value of their NFT.
  • Lacoste aims to create a long-lasting digital destination for customers and others seeking a deeper relationship with the brand.
  • The program will unfold over seasons and chapters, with rewards for the top 200 most engaged users.

The sentiment of the article is generally positive, highlighting Lacoste's expansion of its Web3 program and the potential for a deeper relationship with customers through gamified experiences and NFT perks.

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