John Gerrard's 'World Flag' Art Blocks Drop Points the Finger at Nationalism - Decrypt


28 Jun 2023 3:17 PM

"World Flag," an NFT art collection presented by Art Blocks and Pace, also investigates the state of the global fight against climate change....

  • Art Blocks and Pace Gallery are collaborating to release "World Flag," a collection of 195 visual art Ethereum NFTs by artist John Gerrard.
  • Each piece depicts a different nation's flag as a stream of smoke against dystopian desert backgrounds.
  • The artworks are miniature virtual worlds powered by game engine technology, appearing in daily and seasonal lighting conditions specific to each country.
  • "World Flag" aims to highlight the futility of national borders and tribal mentalities in the face of global challenges like climate change.
  • The pieces will be released in the order of each country's CO2 emissions, with China, the United States, and India being the first releases.
  • The collection includes generative elements, pairing each nation's flag with various desert backgrounds that represent the state of the Earth without collective climate action.
  • Gerrard sees himself as a contemporary artist using cutting-edge technology to address contemporary issues, emphasizing the power of data as a language.

The sentiment of the article is generally positive, highlighting the innovative collaboration between Art Blocks and Pace Gallery, as well as the artist's intention to raise awareness about climate change and the use of technology in contemporary art.

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