Digital Arms in Partnership With Barrett Firearms to Launch Historic Barrett M82A1 NFT Drop - Decrypt


28 Jun 2023 3:15 PM

The Barrett M82A1 NFT collection, crafted from original 3D CAD files used in the actual manufacturing of Barrett firearms, embodies this uniqueness, making it a desirable collector's item....

  • Digital Arms and Barrett Firearms have collaborated to launch the Barrett M82A1 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection.
  • The collection offers collectors a unique opportunity to own a piece of digital history, with each NFT crafted from original 3D CAD files used in the manufacturing of Barrett firearms.
  • The Barrett M82A1 NFT is the world's first IP-licensed firearm NFT, offering exclusivity and desirability in the digital collectibles market.
  • Benefits of owning a Barrett M82A1 NFT include in-game utility across partner games, exclusive access within the Digital Arms ecosystem, joining a visionary community, and investment in the future of blockchain technology.
  • The NFT drop includes 2222 Barrett M82A1 NFTs, with a public sale starting on June 28th.

The article expresses excitement and enthusiasm about the launch of the Barrett M82A1 NFT collection and highlights the unique features and benefits of owning these NFTs.

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