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28 Jun 2023 1:51 AM

"Europe is a massive hub for crypto due to its strict approach to regulation which made the industry flourish," Coincub CEO Sergiu Hamza....

  • Europe has established itself as a global hub for cryptocurrency, according to a report by Coincub.
  • The report analyzes tax jurisdictions for digital assets in different countries and ranks them.
  • Europe, particularly countries like Monaco, Switzerland, Malta, and Hungary, is identified as a major hub for crypto due to its strict regulatory approach.
  • Despite media coverage of the UAE and Hong Kong, Europe is likely profiting the most from current U.S. led crypto outflows.
  • The report also highlights the Caribbean as a region pushing ahead in the crypto industry, and countries like Poland and Spain as strong Web3 pillars.
  • The United States is extensively covered in the report, with a breakdown of tax rates at the state and federal level.
  • Different countries are divided not only by tax rates but also by regulatory frameworks that are friendly to digital assets.
  • Countries like El Salvador and The Bahamas have highly crypto-positive environments with zero tax rates, while Bulgaria and Hong Kong have a positive outlook with low taxation.
  • High-tax countries like Switzerland and Canada are considered crypto advocates, while nations like China have uncertain or prohibitive crypto stances.
  • Coincub, a startup specializing in off-chain market data, aims to provide macro insights for the Web3 space with its annual report.

The sentiment of the article is generally positive, highlighting Europe's success as a global hub for cryptocurrency and the positive outlook for crypto in various countries. However, there is also a mention of uncertain or prohibitive crypto stances in certain nations.

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