Azuki NFT Floor Plummets as Collectors Blast 'Identical' Elementals Art - Decrypt


27 Jun 2023 9:23 PM

After the huge Azuki Elementals drop, the new NFTs are trading under the mint price—and the originals are falling fast....

  • Azuki Elementals NFTs sold out in 15 minutes, generating $38 million worth of ETH for Chiru Labs.
  • Some holders are selling Elementals well under the mint price amid uproar over the artwork.
  • The artwork of the Azuki Elementals is broadly similar to that of the original anime-inspired Azuki PFPs, leading to complaints from holders and other NFT collectors and creators.
  • Fears that the Elementals collection will dilute the appeal and value of the original Azuki project have apparently led to a mass sell-off for those NFTs.


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How long did it take for the Azuki Elementals NFTs to sell out and how much did it generate for Chiru Labs?Why are some holders selling Elementals well under the mint price?What are the complaints about the artwork of the Azuki Elementals?What fears have led to a mass sell-off for the original Azuki NFTs?What is the speculation about Chiru Labs' release of the largely similar Elementals artwork?

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