100 Million XRP Moved to Ripple as Price Readies New Move


17 Sep 2023 5:31 PM

XRP targets next major move...

  • 100 million XRP worth $49,977,350 were transferred from an unknown wallet to Ripple, possibly indicating a wallet reshuffle or an OTC trade.
  • XRP is the fifth-largest cryptocurrency and is used by Ripple for cross-border payments through its ODL solution.
  • Ripple's Vice President clarified the decision to consolidate ODL services under "Ripple Payments."
  • XRP's price has fluctuated between $0.436 and $0.558 in recent weeks, with a potential rally if it surpasses the MA 200 barrier at $0.517.

The article provides neutral information about the transfer of XRP, Ripple's ODL services, and the potential price movements of XRP.

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