Why Should I Trust Bitcoin?


29 Nov 2023 8:49 PM

The simple answer, friend, is, you shouldn’t. (A well-worn aphorism of the Bitcoin community is “Don’t trust, verify.”) Bitcoin was built…...

  • Bitcoin was built to compete with the traditional financial system that requires trust in multiple parties.
  • "Trustlessness" is a key feature of Bitcoin, referring to the ability to operate and facilitate transactions without the need for trust between parties.
  • Decentralization eliminates the need to trust a central authority for transactions to be valid.
  • The transparent and immutable ledger of the blockchain allows participants to verify and audit transactions independently.
  • Bitcoin introduced the concept of simple smart contracts, enabling trustless execution of predefined conditions.
  • The Bitcoin protocol punishes bad actors and rewards honest network participants.
  • Cryptographic algorithms provide security for Bitcoin transactions.

The article provides a positive view of Bitcoin, highlighting its trustless nature and various features that ensure security and transparency in transactions.

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