Що таке IPFS і як користувачі Primex можуть отримати від неї користь?


29 Nov 2023 5:38 PM

Нещодавно Primex почала розміщувати користувальницький інтерфейс протоколу спотової маржинальної торгівлі на IPFS. В результаті члени…...

  • Primex has started hosting its margin trading protocol user interface on IPFS, providing several benefits such as increased decentralization, more reliable processes, resistance to censorship, and the ability to verify file authenticity.
  • IPFS, or InterPlanetary File System, is a distributed, peer-to-peer decentralized file system that allows applications to store and backup files and components of websites on multiple nodes.
  • IPFS works similar to torrent networks, where many people can store data and communicate with each other when they need a specific file.
  • Each uploaded file in IPFS is divided into smaller fragments and assigned a unique identifier called a Content Identifier (CID) or hash in the IPFS network to facilitate user searches.
  • IPFS guarantees that the requested file is not compromised or tampered with, ensuring access to the exact record the user is looking for.
  • IPFS can be used for various purposes, such as storing audio files for decentralized music services, hosting decentralized application interfaces, and storing files for supply chain software solutions.
  • Primex users can access the frontend interface from any IPFS node, even if the cloud infrastructure provider used by Primex goes down.

The article provides an informative overview of IPFS and its benefits for Primex users. The tone is neutral and objective.

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